James & Emma's Honeymoon
James & Emma's Honeymoon

We are going to Belize!

After tying the knot, James & Emma are going to Belize!
May 14th 2022
Mannsville Oklahoma
156 Days
11 Hours
55 Minutes

If you can not think of one positive thing happening in 2020, let me help you... It was when James & Emma met each other! Emma was the Teaching Assistant for one of James's Spring 2020 classes. They saw eachother in class once a week until COVID-19 kicked everyone off campus! Emma was on a Spring Break trip with one of their mutual friends and she hinted that she though James was kinda cute :) 

Later on, after Emma had been living with Mom & Dad for over a month, James had a birthday coming up! He ended up inviting Emma after learning about her crush... and the rest is history! 

James proposed to Emma at Oklahoma State University (where they met) and she said... YES! 

May 14th, 2022 James and Emma will tie the knot! 

They can not wait to celebrate with everyone!